Artifacts of Life

The First Artifact

Meeting up with Mr. Frost in the morning, our party is introduced to an associate of the man, Aeromathus the Barbarian. Little is known about him, but he seems a bit gruff to be a direct acquaintance of Frost. The party was offered anything that they might need by Artigan Frost before they were supplied with horses and sent on their way. They encountered trouble not terribly far into their journey when they were ambushed by a pack of Kobolds. The scuffle that ensued did nothing if not bring the group closer together in their cooperation. With their bags a little heavier, the party continued on to the Silk Fortress in search of the Silk Tapestry of Lese.

Reaching the fortress presented no other difficulties, but after exploring only a few rooms, the party was thrown into a close encounter with several Drakes. The beasts, not being terribly intelligent, attacked the first thing they saw: The Paladin. Though he took a beating, he served admirably as a distraction for both the Cleric and the Barbarian who tore away at the beasts, immediately bloodying all of them after their first strikes. The Drakes were fallen with a great effort, and our party now rests while considering which of the doors in front of them they should open first.



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