Rothholme is a moderate sized town with a population reaching almost 4000. Various craftsmen are employed in Rothholme and it even has a magic shop and a bookseller. There is a lord the rules of Rothholme, but few know who he is and rarely ever see him. Instead, the people of the town consider Artigan Frost to be their de facto ruler.

Rothholme is surrounded by a wall that is between 15 and 20 feet high and is well enough defended that when warned of the hobgoblin threat, Artigan Frost thinks nothing of the matter.

Rothholme is located south of the Barrier Sea and west of the Silk River. Long ago, before the wall was constructed around the town, Silk Fortress was an important defence, warning the townsfolk of raiders coming up the river. Rothholme leadership eventually determined that it was safer to increase their defences that rely on the fortress at the mouth of the river.

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